Certified Therapist and Registered Counsellor
MA (Psychology)

Snowflakes are some of nature's most fragile things, but look what they can do when they stick together.

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Who I am as a therapist and counsellor

My name is Danielle Du Plessis and I am a therapist and counsellor. I am absolutely passionate about helping people and assisting them to live the best life they envision for themselves. I care deeply for others and I try my hardest in everything I do to make a positive difference in the world as a therapist.

My experience as a therapist and counsellor

We have all gone through some tough times, hurtful friendships, unhealthy habits and bad relationships. I am a human being and I am no different; although I am a certified life coach, I still go through the same highs and lows as everyone else! Even if we have mostly great lives, life will always deal us a few unforeseen blows that may leave us feeling negative. These difficult times can impact us to such a degree that we suffer emotionally, mentally and ultimately it may even affect our appearance. I believe in taking those experiences and using them to makes us stronger. It is a privilege to live my dream of improving lives by being a therapist.

My journey to becoming a certified therapist and counsellor

My journey becoming a therapist began in high school, where I discovered my calling. I was fortunate enough to understand at a young age that it was my destiny to help others! Too often we forget the importance of self-care and that we may from time to time need a helping hand. I advocate for a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives. I graduated with my Master’s degree in psychology and I have been working to make the world a better place, one person at a time. Contact me today and allow me to assist you in making positive decisions that will have lasting, beneficial results.

my services

Overcoming Depression

Do you find yourself constantly down and out? Do you at times feel hopeless? Let's work and overcome this hurdle together.

Helping with Effective Communication

Do you struggle to voice your opinions or get your points across to others? I will teach you methods to communicate effectively and always say what you mean.

Reaching Your Personal and Professional Goals

Do you find yourself never achieving what you set out to? Whether personal or professional, I will help you every step of the way to attain your goals.

Mental Well-being

Consider speaking to a certified therapist if ever you feel that you have not invested as much as you should in your mental health. Take that first step to start growing again.

Finding Your Passion and Your Calling

We all can struggle at times to identify what we really wish to do; what will fulfil us and spark a fire in our hearts. Don’t be ashamed if you feel lost, I will be your guide.

Changing Your Outlook on Life

Changing your perspective for a more positive outlook on life.

Stress Management

Is stress consuming your everyday life? Do you find, no matter how much you try to relax, you simply can't? I can show you how it is possible to take back control.

Time Management

We all need to juggle from time to time. After all, there are moments when life can feel like a circus! With the right attitude and planning, we will get to a place where your to do list is complete, every day.

Anger Management

Do you find yourself lashing out at those you care about? Make the decision to work together, with a life coach’s techniques to manage your emotions in a healthy and effective way.

Improving Self-esteem and Self-worth

Don’t hold yourself back from getting what you want in life. I will show you ways to not only accept who you are but to truly appreciate and respect that person you see in the mirror.

Career Guidance

Whether you have an idea on what career path to take or not, we will work together to make the best career choice for you.

Relationship Advice

Relationships are like beautiful gardens; they need care every day. Take the time and go the extra mile for the special person you love. With patience and guidance, see your romance bloom once more.


Face to Face

R 700 per hour

We will have a one on one meeting, make an appointment or contact me for emergencies.

Video Call

R 485 per hour

We can connect from wherever you may be, if you would like to chat, send me a message and we can arrange for a video call.


R 485 per hour

We can arrange to chat if you would like any assistance with some challenges you may face.

Couples Therapy

R 585 per hour

We can arrange to chat to you and your partner and connect from anywhere

*a sliding scale for bulk sessions apply

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